Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bluejay in a Cage

We had had  such success and good luck on trapping a Grey Squirrel in a live cage the previous day we decided to try it again as we had another Grey squirrel visiting today.  We set up the cage in Bird Alley and waited and waited for the squirrel to show some interest, but no, we did not

have an immediate result.

That is until my husband checked our cage and found a Bluejay in it! and the Bluejay was not too pleased about its predicament!!! Again we observed a very happy release!! We had baited the trap with peanut butter and sunflower seeds.

We have had many bird species visiting Bird Alley the past week Among  few surprises  and welcome visitors have been:  Goldfinch , Junco, White-breasted Nuthatch and a Red-winged Blackbird.
Yesterday I listed 12 different species in my Bird Alley daily journal.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gray Squirrel going on a Trip for SaturdayCritters.

 We found a Grey squirrel in our live trap cage yesterday morning. You can see its little paw holding onto the wire of the cage.  It seemed to be a bit upset and I felt sorry for the Squirrel but the live trap cage had done its job nicely, and no one had gotten hurt..  We have several large Grey Squirrels which have become a daily nuisance in Bird Alley, so we have decided to relocate the squirrels.  This is our first experience doing this. Yesterday morning we took the squirrel in the cage out to a wooded area and released it.  Wow,!!! did it ever move  FAST!! out of the cage  when the cage door was opened!  Hopefully, all is well that ends well and the squirrel has now adjusted to its new home and has found lots of food. "Don't worry little squirrel , if we are lucky, you will be getting company soon  as we hope to trap more of your furry buddies" and" DON'T COME BACK!"
Today I am linking to Eileen's Saturday Critters, 
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chipmunk... Just Sitting Around

Earlier this week, Bird alley got a visit from this cute little Chipmunk.  It was just sitting on a bird

feeder pole in the beginning, then it explored the top of a bird feeder but I don't think it got any food and this is the time of year that |Chipmunks are gathering food for their winter storehouse. Here are a few pictures to view.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Red-breasted Nuthatch returns to Bird Alley

Just recently I have returned to mointering Bird Alley daily and it is such a joy to see the old familiar  speccies returning,. Over the summer months I do not refill the feeders often as it only encourages raccoons to raid the feeders overnight. We presently have three sparrow species visiting daily: Song Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows and a few White-throated Sparrows.  Also a pair of Purple Finches, a pair of Hairy woodpeckers and one lone Downy Woodpecker.  Earlier this week we had many visits from a small flock of Grackles, and we also see Mourning Doves daily And the earliest and most frequent visitors are the little Black-capped Chickadees and Blue Jays.
Yesterday we had a Red-breasted Nuthatch visit several times. The big attraction for the Nuthatch is  is the peanut feeder.

i love the rufus colouring of its underbely breast and they are often seen in an upside down position.
The upturn at the end of its beak can be easily noted in the photo below. 
I I do hope we get a visit from a White-breasted Nuthatch soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Gray Jay

A bird of many names, this Gray Jay also is known as the Whiskey Jack, a Canada Jay, and Camp Robber. The name 'Camp Robber', being derived from its habit of hanging around wood's camps and helping itself to any available food it might find there. Here in New Brunswick this jay is commonly referred to as a Gorby or Moosebird.

But I always call it  a Gray JayThis gray and white bird, one of the smallest jays, is a bird found in our coniferous forests all year round.

On Friday I had seen a couple of Gray Jays in a rural area nearby, but I didn't get their pictures..  I don't often see a Gray Jay, so this sighting was a real treat for me, and so I decided that I would find it on Saturday again and get its picture!  Yesterday morning I found some old blueberry muffins going stale and also took along 3 or four slices of cinnamon and raisin bread with me and my camera when I went out to the wooded rural area where I had seen the jay on Friday! At first I didn't see the jay , but after turning homeward I found one perched in a small tree ( spruce or fir? I'm not sure which. I even got out of my car to take its picture and the jay was not too skittish as I stood there beside my car, pointing my camera at it.
  So, as it wasn't too frightened I reached for my food stash and scattered it there in front of the jay along the roadside.  I then drove away, turned and parked on the road opposite of where I had scattered the food.  I didn't have to wait long and the bird reappeared approaching the food stash and taking a few bites from the bread.  This was a wonderful photo shoot! I  I might try again today as this is such a sweet bird to observe!
 And today we are celebrating our Canadian Thanksgiving so it 's a good day to share with the birds as their viewing and habits give us so much pleasure and we have so much to be thankful for! Surely I can trade some more bread for another picture.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wood Ducks for Saturday Critters

I was hoping to find a few Canadas, but luck was, or wasn't with me and instead I found a beautiful pair of Wood Ducks in my favourite pond yesterday.

They were both so very colourful and I had never glimpsed the speckled breast of the female before!!  The water was slightly reflective and the male was doubly handsome! His white portions were so very crisply clean looking.
As is characteristic of ducks most times, but especially in the fall they were very skittish and flighty
and when they became aware of me they took off immediately, Above the white eye of the female separates the pair easily as to who is in the lead.
When they separated the male was easily identified!

With cropping I have separated the birds  from the photo above to see them better separately
.  The speckled underwing or breast of the female is really outstanding above!
And  the underwing part of the male is beige too, but unlike the female,  it is unspeckled!
Today I am linking to Viewing Nature with Eileen  at her Camera Critters.
Have a great day everyone, its such a wonderful time of year that I will be out there with my camera hoping to find some of Mother Natures Treasures.